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Fitshop's Weight Loss Support Group is dedicated to getting you the help you need to over come the struggles involved in weight gain.The purpose is to provide social support, educational support, and/or mental health support for those enduring the weight loss journey. 


  • The Weight Loss Support Group is 100% online.

  • There is a 45 minute lecture, followed by 15 minute Q&A.

  • During lecture, a facilitator will cover the topic on Zoom.

  • The Group meets once a week.

  • The Support Group is free, however is limited to 10 spaces.

  • When one person drops, another person may fill their space. 

  • Two people may be on one phone/computer and count as "one person". We encourage couples to join together if at all possible. 

Here you will learn how to overcome great roadblocks such as: 

  • Eating Out

  • Low Carb vs. Low Cal

  • Time Management

  • Cooking Healthy Meals for Families

In addition to these topics, we include seminars

"Emotional Eating" with Dr. Dave

"Home Workouts" with Sam DaCosta, Personal Trainer

spaces are

limited to 10.

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