Dave Sanchez

Nutrition Coach, Sports Nutritionist


Dave has been with NutriShop/Fitshop for 10 years. Dave Sanchez started his fitness journey by losing over 100+ pounds.  Like most people, he deprived himself of food and tried to exercise as much as he possibly could. He experienced constant fatigue, irritability and lightheadedness.  However, while studying his degree in Nutrition Science, he realized those side effects could be easily avoided! He now uses his experience and knowledge to help others get to their health goal in a safe and timely manner.

 This helps him be a better coach for his clients. Food is commonly used for comfort. He is able to help his clients break this habit and get the results they desire.


BS in Nutrition Science

Masters in Clinical Psychology

Certified Nutrition Coach

Certified Sports Nutritionist

Jessica Sanchez

Nutrition Coach, IFA-Sports Nutritionist


Jessica has helped manage and oversee NutriShop/FitShop for ten years. She has balanced her work life while maintaining a best friend/ role model role in her daughter's life.  Jessica started her fitness journey in a size 11.  Her weight gave her  very little energy and low self esteem, just like so many of her clients.  Now, with more energy, confidence (and a size 3!!!), Jessica is determined to help make a difference in other woman's lives. 



Nutrition Coach

Sports Nutritionist 

Mom of the year award 2006-Present (Given to her by her daughter)

Samuel A. DaCosta

IFA Sports Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Nutrtion Coach


Sam DaCosta enters his 15th year in the fitness industry. He began his career in strength and conditioning as a rugby coach in Jamaica. When he moved to the United States his passion for fitness increased.  He played soccer at a competitive level for the United States Air Force (USAF) and it was during this era that he engaged in increasing his knowledge in Sports Nutrition.  Prior to joining the FitShop team he worked with the Nutrishop New Mexico team for 3 years.


Sam has resided in New Mexico since 1984 as a member of the USAF. He recently returned from Irvine, California to New Mexico in 2012. While in California he worked as a Sports Nutritionist to many pro team athletes to include, Matt Barkley (Philadelphia Eagles), Beau Bell (Cleveland Browns) and Karif Byrd (Univ. of Georgia). He also worked with Get It Done Fitness (GIT) as a Sport Nutritionist assisting pro team athletes preparing for baseball/football camps. 


Sam has worked in the Nutritional Supplement industry with major Sport Nutrition companies throughout Southern California. He has also worked extensively in the health club arenas, where he has functioned as General Manager for Bally’s Total Fitness and 24Hr Fitness, in Orange County, California.


Sam is married with two adult children. He enjoys the outdoors and is often seen in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains running the trails, or riding his bicycle on century rides throughout the Jemez region.



Nutritional Coach

Personal Training

Sports Nutritionist

Soccer Trainer and Coach


Competitive Fitness Experience:

Cycling, Tour of Palm Springs, 100 mile

Cycling, Tour of Solvang, 100 mile

Cycling, Tour of Jamaica, 125 mile

USAF Soccer Athlete

Merritt College California, Soccer Athlete

Jamaica (soccer, rugby, track & field and swimming)

Aaron Smith

Nutrition Coach


Aaron has been affiliated with Nutrishop/ Fitshop for 6 years dating back to his time as a collegiate athlete. As an athlete in college he played football and pursued a degree in nutrition.  He currently pursues a degree in Psychology to better understand the relationship between food and behavior.


Aaron brings high energy and passion to nutrition counseling. His strengths lay in his ability to relate to his clients. He has dealt with his own weight issues in past. Aaron knows how it feels to be tired of holding on to extra weight and what it takes to pursue a life of health.


Aaron has appeared on Good Day New Mexico and KOB 93.3 Morning Mayhem radio station discussing health, fitness and the benefits of working at Fitshop. 

Daniel Mora
Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer
Daniel has been involved in fitness and athletics his whole life. Daniel has competed in amateur boxing, collegiate soccer, and coached Varsity Soccer. He has a passion for fitness, and loves spending time at the Gym. He is currently finishing his Masters in clinical psychology at the University of New Mexico.
Daniel became involved in the field of nutrition because of his other two passions in life... eating and cooking! Daniel has been enjoying the art of cooking since he was a little kid. He loves experimenting with food and finding ways to make traditionally unhealthy foods, into healthy nutritious dishes. He loves  coming up with new healthy recipes, and his favorite part of working at fitshop is passing those recipes unto his clients while helping them reach their goal.
- Division 2 collegiate soccer player
- Varsity Soccer Head coach 
- University of New Mexico B.A in Psychology 
- State of New Mexico Coaching Athletic Licensure K-12
- Health Coach Certification
- Weight Loss Certification
Weight loss results vary based upon genetics, age, gender and effort. Different individuals will have different results based on their situation and dedication. However, we offer a money-back guarantee. If you do not lose weight on our plan, we will return your investment with no hard feelings. 

Results can Vary. 


Monica Gebler
Nutrition Coach, BS-Nutrition

Monica grew up in Albuquerque, graduated from Cibola High School and persued collegiate soccer at Louisiana Tech University. During her tenure, Monica played four years of Division 1 soccer and graduated with her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics.  

Monica found a love for nutrition through college, after being an athlete for 18 years; it was not only a life tyle but a passion! Studying nutrition and playing collegiate soccer, Monica was able to provide herself and her teammates with appropriate meal plans to help improve their performance, stay in shape and improve their overall health. Monica wants to be able to bring this to others! Her goal is to help clients achieve a healthy lifestyle, in a way that is suitable for each client. Through nutrition, exercise, and determination, Monica believes anyone can reach any goal they set for themselves!

Monica is pursuing her Master’s in Nutrition to further her education and ability to help her clients in their nutrition  journey.


  • BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Louisiana Tech University

  • Division 1 soccer at Louisiana Tech University