Protein Poptart!

Hello everyone! Priscilla from NutrishopNM with another delicious recipe. So in the bodybuilding world, Pop tarts are the big thing for some reason! Plus, everyone loves Pop tarts! So I decided to put my own spin on this sugary treat and make a delicious and guilt free alternative! PROTEIN POPTART! It is so easy to make and soooooooo tasty!


  • 1 scoop of Pro 5 strawberry protein (any flavor will work)

  • 1 tbsp. of Vital Wheat gluten free all purpose baking powder (most flour will work)

  • 1 Low carb tortilla


  • Mix a scoop of Pro 5 and tbsp. of Vital wheat flour in a bowl

  • add water until you have a thick consistency.

  • Place mixture on Low Carb tortilla (Save some for toppings)

  • Fold the tortilla into a nice rectangle shape

  • Push sides down with a fork

  • Place on a stove top and brown till golden

  • Place remanding protein mixture on top of Pop Tart (I added a little sprinkles for decoration)

  • Place in freezer for about 10 minutes DEVOUR THAT SUCKER!!!! Macros: 239 calories, 6 net carbs, 4 fat, 41 protein, 1 sugar