Delicious crockpot chicken under 15 minutes in 6 easy steps!

CHECKOUT THE 6 BONUS RECIPES INCLUDED AT THE BOTTOM! 1) Locate crockpot from dark corner of kitchen cabinets, and dust off 2) Line with Slow Cooker bag (for easy clean-up, but not required) 3) Add pre-trimmed chicken breast to crockpot 4) Add seasonings: pre chopped onion, minced garlic and any low sodium, zero calorie seasoning blend 5) Cover with lid and turn on LOW 6) Allow to cook overnight (6-10 hours) And BOOM! Makes up to 8lbs of yummy, moist and healthy crockpot chicken, ready for the week. Use on: Asian chicken salad Shredded BBQ Chicken sliders (I use Walden Farms-Calorie Free BBQ sauce and 100 calorie thin bun, open face) Shredded chicken tacos with lettuce wraps chicken quesadillas (great for the kiddos! Use whole wheat, low carb tortilla wraps and 2% shredded cheese) Mexican shredded chicken salad (add chopped romaine lettuce, black beans, dollop of Greek yogurt and salsa) shredded chicken salad sandwich (add greek yogurt, diced apple, chopped red onion, chopped celery, and paprika to taste)