5 Exercises to Crush your Glutes!

February 3, 2015

1. Barbell Glute Bridge

If you are new to this exercise, start off without the barbell. 

  • Use a towel if you don't have a neck pad for the bar

  • Squeeze your glutes at the peak of the movement

  • Advanced movement: place your back on a barbell


2. Sumo Squat


This one really activates the outside of the glutes

  • Slow on the way up, squeeze on the way up

  • Keep the knees above the ankles, not in front

  • Advanced movement: Use a kettle bell or barbell to increase weight

  • Consider "pumping" the movement once you feel the isolation


3. Lying Hip Abduction


Yes, we saw them in Buns O' Steel, and they were there for a reason. Hip Abduction movements really isolate the lateral/upper glutes without affecting the quads! 

  • Focus on the glute squeeze

  • Throw a swiss ball under you for more resistance

  • Throw a band on the ankle for even more resistance


GHR Ham/Glute Raise

This one is amazing at glute isolation. Consider using after a compound movement like lunges or squat to isolate the glutes. 

  • Knees just behind the pad

  • Advanced movement: Use a band instead of weights, it will maintain constant tension


5. Hiking


While, its true that this will also hit your quads, hiking also activates the quad.

  • Could also be done on the Stadium steps. Use the University Stadium. It's brutal

  • Good Hiking Trails: Pino and Lisa Piedra 


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