How To Lose Weight Fast!

How to Lose a Few Pounds Fast

Although, we are not big fans of fast weight loss gimmicks (Fitshop of Albuquerque), we also understand there are times such as weddings, beach rendezvous and pool parties that we might want to tidy up for. Depend on how much you currently weigh, this technique will drop 5-15 pounds in just a few weeks. Sometimes, just losing a few pounds can be enough to get someone motivated to make more of a lifestyle change! Here's a few tips on how to shed a couple of quick pounds...

Calorie or Carb Restriction

If you really want to lose a few pounds of fat, you are going to have to pick one of these. My suggestion, go carb cutting. Although it is a little tougher in the beginning, it shows the best results right away. Keep at least a good starch at breakfast, but look at pulling all your other carbs throughout the day and consider switching them to fruits. This will help you keep your fiber content high which will help you feel full. With this technique, you keep yourself healthy and also allow a few easy pounds to shed off.

Cut the alcohol

Everybody loves a glass of wine, but the truth is, if you are trying to lose weight then late night carbs isn't going to help. Not only does alcohol add to your overall carb and calorie content but it also dehydrates you. Remember that dehydration is one of the primary causes of a slow metabolism. Don't let yourself fall victim.

Drink more tea

Specifically, the Green tea. As you metabolism slows down from not getting enough calories or carbs, it will want to hold on to it's excess fat stores. Drinking Green Tea will not only give you more energy throughout your day, but it will also help keep your metabolism burning fat. But don't underestimate this stuff because too much can keep you awake. Try to limit your tea consumption to less than 4 cups a day.


Not only is your 8 hours good for your beauty, but it's also good for your metabolism. Especially if you are cutting your carbs! Studies shows (1) that lack of sleep not only slows down your ability to properly metabolize fat, but it also increases your stress hormones which in turn store fat!!! So bundle up and make sure to bed down early each night!


You've heard it before and you'll hear it again! Drink water. This importance cannot be overstated. If you plan on keeping your metabolism burning, you have to keep your metabolism hydrated. Too often, people try to cut this out, thinking that they will remove "water weight". The only problem is that once the body begins to dehydrate, it will retain as much water as possible by a) shutting your metabolism down and b) holding onto your water weight. So, don't try to game it. Just drink your water.


A lot of people will try to pull extra weight off using diuretics. This is extremely tricky and I would not recommend it unless you know what you're doing. Diuretics can dehydrate vital organs and do some serious damage internally if not careful. Organs like your kidneys need electrolytes and water to maintain their health. Dehydrating them is only asking for disaster. Rather, keep a healthy water intake and just focus on the mentioned above and before you know it, you'll have 10 pounds off!


In reality, there is no replacement for good ol lifestyle change. But if you need a quick 10 off, I hope these tips will not only help your waist trim, but keep you healthy and happy along the way!

(1) Sleep and Metabolism: An Overview