Helping Your Waistline Survive the Holidays

We know how difficult this time of year can be for those of you trying to make healthy lifestyle changes. Big meals with family and friends. Running around shopping, not always making the healthy choices. Here are our top tips to help prevent the weight from piling on this holiday season.

  1. Plan ahead by making conscious food decisions throughout the day

The first mistake people make is starve themselves all day. They then find themselves ravenous by Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner time. What you should do instead is fuel your body throughout the day with small protein rich meals.

  1. First look at your food options

Based on an experiment that examined eating behaviors at buffets, the best way to minimize unnecessary food consumption is to walk around and look at all the options on the table before picking up a plate. It is natural for us to pick up a plate and start piling on a little bit of everything. Instead, first circle around the table and then make a conscious decision about what foods you really want on your plate.

  1. Bring a healthy side dish to the party

Many times, the problem isn’t that we can’t control ourselves around unhealthy food, but it’s that there aren’t any other options available. Other times we may even feel pressured into eating just to fit in. Bringing a healthy side dish is a great way for you to have a healthy option for yourself so you can sit down and enjoy your time with everyone else.

We understand lifestyle changes can be hard. If you feel you need additional support during this holiday season, stop by your local Nutrishop and give our Contour Elite a try. It is our top weight loss system that has shown to increase metabolism, burn fat and most importantly help reduce cravings and control appetite during this time of year.