Manuel began with the Fitshop over a year ago. He was seeking change in his life and his health. He began with a Fitshop Coach, who customized a meal plan for him that began shedding the pounds off. Manuel joined the 12 week Weight Loss Challenge in January and in 12 weeks lost a 54 pounds to equal a grand total of 150 pounds since deciding to join the Fitshop. Manuel says he will continue to work hard for his health. His next goal: 260. And we believe he can do it! Great job Manuel! Keep up the Hard Work! 

 I am definitely more confident, and most days I have more energy than I've had in years. I've even started to (sometimes) enjoy cardio, as long as I can watch Lost on Netflix while I'm doing it! I think I've also become more encouraging of others because I know what it means to struggle with how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin.

~Katie, Previous $1000 Winner

I have continuously seen results every week, which in return makes me more motivated, and a happier person, but most of all I am a healthier person, which has rubbed off on my kids.




Contest is open to Fitshop and Non-Fitshop members. 



8 week Weight Loss Challenge.



  • If you are a client, please weigh in with your coach. 

  • If you are not a client, please call 872-3348 to schedule a weigh in with a coach.

  • Weigh-in's can happen at either location.



  • Open weigh in will occur from July 1st-August 31st.

  • You begin your contest the day  you weigh in.

  • Your contest will run for 8 weeks.  

  • In 8 weeks from the day you weigh in, we will schedule a weigh-out.



  • Summer is coming.

  • A Healthier You.

  • Take control of your eating.

  • Take control of your time.

  • Increase Energy.

  • Your Happiness.

Men 1st Place: $500 Cash
Women 1st Place: $500 Cash


How Winners are picked


Winner will be judged in 3 Categories: 


1. Body Fat Percentage: 1 point per percentage lost. Rounded to the nearest tenth of a decimal. For example: 1.2% is 1.2 points


2. Total Pounds Lost: 1 point per pound lost



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Most point wins!