Corporate Wellness 

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

 At Fitshop, we have been creating healthy work environments since 2012.


Our staff are a combination of Personal Trainers, Sports Nutritionist and Certified Health Coaches.

We specialize in general health, weight loss and overall fitness.

Our goal is to facilitate your company in your next 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge.


Advantages and Benefits: 

Team cohesion for your entire staff.


• Less sick days due to leading a healthier lifestyle.

• Improved and increased employee morale.

• The ensured success of personal fitness goals.

Facilitating a Challenge

Workplace Weight Loss Challenges are open to everyone.

Businesses may begin a challenge at anytime. 

Nutrishop/Fitshop will provide: 

  • Free Admission to Meal Prep 101 

  • Rules to Create Health Culture in your Workplace

  • Medical Grade Body Analysis on the Inbody 570

  • Determine Estimated Caloric Needs of each Client

  • Standard Diet Plan for Each Client

  • Approved Grocery List

  • Weight Loss Recipe

  • Meal Prep Starter Kit including Meal Prep Tupperware

Interest In a Workplace Weight Loss Challenge? 

Thanks for submitting!

 I am definitely more confident, and most days I have more energy than I've had in years. 


I've even started to (sometimes) enjoy cardio, as long as I can watch "Lost" on Netflix while I'm doing it!


I think I've also become more encouraging of others because I know what it means to struggle with how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin.

~Katie, Previous $1000 Winner

I have continuously seen results every week, which in return makes me more motivated, and a happier person, but most of all I am a healthier person, which has rubbed off on my kids.



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